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Miss New Mexico!

Miss New Mexico!

Our very own Miss New Mexico, Ashley Mora stopped by the studio to talk about the Miss USA Pageant happening next month in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are so excited for her, she is ready to make our state proud.  Read more.  MORE

Let’s Have A Tea Party!

March 21st is National Tea for Two Day.  Why not celebrate and have a little Tea Party?   That is exactly what I did, at The Ivy Tearoom.  I feel like I have uncovered a hidden gem.  The Ivy has a laid back vibe that is different from other tearooms in town.  Each room has…MORE

In Need of Flowers on National Proposal Day.

Today is the first day of Spring, but it is also National Proposal Day.  So if that certain someone special just popped the question, how soon do you have to start planning out your flowers and putting together your bouquets?  And when you see something absolutely beautiful on Pinterest that you just have to have…MORE

New Mexico Emojis – Get them

How cool is this? Some genius made some New Mexico emojis and we are loving them.   If you have Apple’s iOS 10 operating system on your device you can download the sticker pack from this iTunes download page. After downloading, you can find the stickers by clicking the “A” symbol to the left of your text…MORE

Breaking News: Kanye Hospitalized

Breaking news, just minutes ago it was announced that Kanye West is in the hospital.  Sources say it started with a medical welfare call from Kanye’s home in California around 1 this afternoon.  Click here for more details.MORE

Candy Cane Eyes for the Holidays

This is the coolest new trend for the holiday!  Candy Cane Eyes.  It might take a little work….and a lot of patience.  But I think Carlos and Kdawg can Totally help me with this. XOXO  Kiki   For More ideas check out     Candy Cane …Gingerbread Holiday theme day inspired look #inspired #macnutcrackersweet…MORE

Under Investigation: Brad Pitt

New reports are coming out on why Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt on Monday, and it is not looking good for Brad.  Alleged child abuse is the cause, and now he is under investigation. TMZ was one of the first to report the details of what happened to get police involved in…MORE

The End of Brad-Galina!

I cannot even believe this.  After 6 children and 12 years of life together, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.  Sources say, the end of their marriage has absolutely nothing to do with another person.  Angelina is mad about something to do with Brad’s interaction with the children.  Read MoreMORE

An Angel in Heaven lived through Hell on Earth

What Victoria Martens went through in her short 10 years has everyone in this city heartbroken and in disbelief. How on earth can a mother do this to her child. The same child who looked to her for guidance and protection. If you haven’t read the article in the Albuquerque Journal, you can see it…MORE


Can you live without music?

Can you live without music?

Can you go a day without music? It’s not a challenge just a thought. I tried to do this but it drove me crazy about 1 hour in. I love music and have surrounded myself with so many genres that it makes me appreciate it as much as anybody appreciates breathing. I need it in…

Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up The Pieces

After a tragedy like losing your mom, it is hard to pick up the pieces and move on with life. I was so worried about leaving my dad alone after she passed. But my dad taught me a very important lesson about life.