How To Listen


  • As a radio station, 933 The Q is delighted to offer you the opportunity to listen on a radioTune to 93.3FM in Albuquerque, or find The Q in your DAB stations listen.

    If we don’t appear on your DAB radio’s alphabetical list, hit retune. That’ll kick us and any other stations your digital radio can pick up into life.


  • Keep The Q in your pocket. We promise not to look…
    Grab the 933 The Q app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 
    It means we can be with you always (not in a clingy way) and you can listen to a radio station whenever, wherever. Very modern.

  • If you’ve got a fancy wi-fi radio or basically anything else where you want our stream URLs then this is the bit you need to take a look at.
    You’ll be able to use these streams in your nice fancy Roberts, PURE, Logitech or Sonos devices (there are probably more!) so help yourself and enjoy listening to 933 The Q!

  • You can find the 933 The Q radio station and podcasts in one place on your Sonos!


  • Did you know reaching to change a radio station is virtually risk free? Still best not to chance it. Play The Q without lifting a finger. Enable the 933 The Q app on your Alexa app or by tapping this link, then say:

    “Alexa play 933 The Q”

    So we can be with you every second of the day. We’re also on all other smart speakers so shout ‘play 933 The Q’ as much as you want!


  • You can listen to The Q through TuneIn – check out the player below or ask TuneIn to “play 933 THE Q” through your Amazon Echo, Google Home or any other smart speaker.



One on One with Nelly

One on One with Nelly

Nelly has a smash with Florida Georgia Line and has to be the nicest guy I have ever talked to.  Awards, Number 1s, and Acting too.  What is next for Nelly?  Find out in my interview!  XOXO  Kiki

One on One with Divergent Author Veronica Roth

One on One with Divergent Author Veronica Roth

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the books and films in the Divergent series.  I had a chance to chat with author Veronica Roth to talk about the impact the books had and what we can learn from it to use in the world today.  Check it out!!

Mental Health Action Day

Mental Health Action Day

Today is the first ever Mental Health Action Day.  MTV has declared today the day to talk about what is happening with your feelings and is teaming up with some heavy hitters to spread the word that you are not alone.  There are also so many resources out there who want to help.  Check out…

Sofia Carson Zoom Party!!

Sofia Carson Zoom Party!!

Missed out on the Sofia Carson Zoom Party?  Don’t worry, I have a feeling we will be doing another one soon!