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Welcome to the all new Q-Club.  It’s like being a member of a fancy private country club…without all the greens fees and dues.  Except by being a member of this club you will have exclusive chances to win with 933 The Q!


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 You can text 1-505-843-9393 with your rating while the song is playing. Rate the song on a scale of 1 (hate it) to 5 (love it). And every time you rate a song, you earn points! CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO RATE SONGS!

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#Whatsthe411: Bird is the word

#Whatsthe411: Bird is the word

According to Men’s Health Magazine, A statistical tally of everything men stuff into their Thanksgiving holiday: 20% consider Thanksgiving the most important holiday of the year. 33% of you will travel more than 5 hours on planes, trains and automobiles. 33% of men have slept in their childhood bedroom. 25% of men have been “forced”…

#Whatsthe411: Could you give up your mobile device for a whole week?

#Whatsthe411: Could you give up your mobile device for a whole week?

Well over half of women say they would rather give up sex than give up their mobile devices for a single week. And that just begs the question: Do women prefer their mobile phone, e-mail and Facebook over their man? Perhaps we can blame it on too much to do in a mere 24 hours.…

#Whatsthe411: Signs you may be a bad person

#Whatsthe411: Signs you may be a bad person

If you’re wondering whether or not you could be a bad person, here are the signs below. Don’t take it too personally though because this is all in fun and who cares LOL! You Are a Movie SpoilerYou always post on social media or say something about a show or movie that someone has not…

#Whatsthe411: 8 ways to keep your love alive

#Whatsthe411: 8 ways to keep your love alive

Almost everyone has the dream of a love that lasts a lifetime. And while it’s not the impossible dream, it does take more than white lace and promises to turn it into a reality. Married psychiatrists Philip Lee and Diane Rudolph of New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center offer eight tips on how to keep the…