What’s the 411: The Biggest Contributor to Failed Relationships Is . . . Clinginess

Some relationships end because of ONE bad thing.  For others, it’s a combination of factors.  (Like the other person wants to have kids, AND they brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack.)  (???)A new survey asked people what has contributed to their failed relationships . . . and asked them to check all that apply.  Here are the 10 most popular culprits:

 1.  Clinginess, 43% said that has played a role.

2.  Overuse of social media, 42%.  (It’s GOOD to see this one so high.)

3.  Poor hygiene, 42%

4.  No sense of humor . . . or a very different sense of humor, 41%

5.  Being too obsessed with their pet, 40%

6.  Poor manners, 38%

7.  Not liking a specific food, 35%

8.  Being too talkative, 31%

9.  Being too messy, 25%

10.  Never washing the dishes, 18%.

“Bad sex” was all the way down at #18.  Only 12% say that’s been a significant factor.

So what I’m reading is…I’m not the problem. Has anyone ever dumped you for any of these reasons?


“The Musical Timon & Pumbaa: A Must-See for Lion King Fans”

“The Musical Timon & Pumbaa: A Must-See for Lion King Fans”

The stars of The Lion King musical, who portray Timon and Pumbaa, discuss their journey onto Broadway, their favorite characters to watch, and the nightly performance of “Hakuna Matata”. The show is in Albuquerque showing at Popejoy Hall until November 5th! Get your tickets NOW!!!

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