What’s the 411: The Biggest Contributor to Failed Relationships Is . . . Clinginess

Some relationships end because of ONE bad thing.  For others, it’s a combination of factors.  (Like the other person wants to have kids, AND they brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack.)  (???)A new survey asked people what has contributed to their failed relationships . . . and asked them to check all that apply.  Here are the 10 most popular culprits:

 1.  Clinginess, 43% said that has played a role.

2.  Overuse of social media, 42%.  (It’s GOOD to see this one so high.)

3.  Poor hygiene, 42%

4.  No sense of humor . . . or a very different sense of humor, 41%

5.  Being too obsessed with their pet, 40%

6.  Poor manners, 38%

7.  Not liking a specific food, 35%

8.  Being too talkative, 31%

9.  Being too messy, 25%

10.  Never washing the dishes, 18%.

“Bad sex” was all the way down at #18.  Only 12% say that’s been a significant factor.

So what I’m reading is…I’m not the problem. Has anyone ever dumped you for any of these reasons?


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