The Top Things in Dating Profiles That Immediately Make Us Swipe Left

If you were scrolling through Tinder, what’s something that would be an immediate deal-breaker for you?  Like, as soon as you saw it in their profile, you’d swipe left.

In a new poll, people were told to assume it was someone they found attractive enough to date.  So these are even deal-breakers for HOT people.

First, here are the five worst things to see in a guy’s profile . . .

1.  He seems aggressive or violent.  84% said deal-breaker.

2.  His profile includes something racist, 79%.  (Only 79%???)

3.  His profile includes crude sexual content, 77%.

4.  He talks about wanting an open relationship, 75%.

5.  He just comes across as really negative, 62%.

Now, here are the five worst things to see in a woman’s profile . . .

1.  Her bio includes a link to her OnlyFans account.  So she’s obviously looking for clients, not a boyfriend.  70% said deal-breaker.  (Only 70% of guys said deal-breaker???  Wait . . . yeah, that sounds about right.)

2.  Her profile includes a Venmo link to pay, 63%.

3.  She wants an open relationship, 47%.

4.  She has KIDS.  46% of men said deal-breaker.  Only 31% of women said the same.

5.  Wanting a “throuple,” where it’s three people in a relationship together.  43% said no way.

Some fairly PETTY things can also be deal-breakers:  5% wouldn’t date a woman who loves Disney.  And 5% wouldn’t date a guy who wore a hat in his profile pic.

The one thing almost no one called a deal-breaker was owning pets, so feel free to mention that.  Or, just say nothing:  Only 23% of women and 17% of men said having NO bio is an immediate deal-breaker. 

What’s your dealbreaker?


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