#Whatsthe411: The Top Things We Miss About Being a Kid

 What was the most “fun” age when you were a kid?  The average answer in a new poll was nine years old.  Then the average person felt like they lost their “sense of fun” at age 27, and fully shifted into boring adulthood.

People were asked to name the top things they miss about being a kid.  Here are the ten most common answers . . .

1.  Summer vacation, and other long breaks where your whole day was open.

2.  Waking up without a care in the world.

3.  No life admin, like bills.

4.  Never having to cook.  Your parents were basically like your personal chef.

5.  Being taken care of when you were sick.

6.  Waking up feeling excited on your birthday.

7.  Spending lots of time outside.

8.  Parks and playgrounds.

9.  Getting pocket money, or an allowance.

10.  Getting to see your best friends at school every day.

Here are a few more that made the Top 25:  Watching cartoons . . . climbing trees . . . using coloring books . . . not worrying about money . . . and just the “newness” of everything, like getting excited the first time you flew on a plane.

The poll also looked at things kids do that grown-ups would like to emulate.  The top answers were making more time for fun . . . seeing the best in people . . . and starting the day with positivity. 




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