Is a “Work Wife” Appropriate? Millennials Say No, Boomers Say Yes

 Here’s a question for you:  Is it appropriate to have a “work spouse”?  A “work wife” or “work husband” who you have a strong platonic bond with outside the house . . . but without the romance?  (Usually.)

Well, it depends on your generation.

Overall, 21% of adults say they think it’s okay to have a work spouse, while 45% say it isn’t appropriate.

But only 18% of Millennials are okay with it, while 40% of Boomers say it’s fine.

That might make sense if you think about it:  If you’re a young married couple . . . you’re probably not cool with your partner having a close friend of the opposite sex at work.

If you’ve been married 30 or 40 years . . . and your partner has a work friend . . . it’s maybe more of a comfort to you than something threatening. 

How does your spouse or significant other feel about you having a work spouse?


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