#Whatsthe411: Top 10 Signs You’re Not A Morning Person

Full disclaimer: I’ve never been an early morning person. I can do mid-mornings well but ask me to wake up at 5am and I will look at you crazy like this:


So with that, I will share the top 10 signs you may not be a morning person:

  1. The 5 minutes you spend waiting for the coffee to brew are the longest 25 minutes in the day.
  2. You regularly need to replace your alarm clock because you hit the snooze button with too much enthusiasm.
  3. Friends and relatives never, ever call you before 9 am.
  4. The only sunrise you’ve ever seen is a Sunrise on the weather channel.
  5. You change your major in college when you find out that teachers/trash collectors/fishermen/insert profession of choice have to get up early.
  6. Getting your child to school on time is cause for celebration and amazement.
  7. You love your pillow so much that you’ve given it a pet name.
  8. You don’t know what cereal is for. Breakfast is a cheeseburger from the drive through at 10:45am.
  9. Rush hour traffic? What traffic?
  10. You yell at the neighborhood kids for waking you up on their way to school, but then you realize that they’re on their way home.

Are any of these you?


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