Can’t move on from your last relationship? Why not take some advice from Life Coach and blogger, Brigid Bishop:

Ask yourself what caused the death of the relationship.
Did the heart of the relationship break down due to a lack of maintenance? Did you take each other for granted? Were you mismatched from the beginning?

Make a list of positives and negatives
Fold a piece of paper in two, lengthwise, and make two columns. Title the first column, “Positive” and the second column, “Negative”. Honestly list all of the positives and negatives about the dearly departed relationship. If the Negative side is longer, why are you so sad? Feel happy that you are now free to start over, fall in love all over again and make a fresh start!

Bury Your Relationship
Now that you have ascertained the cause of death, it is time to allow the relationship to rest in peace.

Perform Your Personal Memorial Service
Put away all the little reminders and mementos that keep evoking your sadness. Put them away in a box, somewhere obscure in your house, or if you are powerful, throw them out! If there are belongings of his at your residence, pack them up and ship them to him. Do not hold on to them. They are either insignificant to him or he is trying to avoid drama by not picking them up in person. Don’t enclose any heartfelt notes and don’t damage them; just ship them to him. Do not stalk him in any way, shape, or form. Don’t access his voicemail, don’t check his e-mail, and don’t go online with his passwords for his match listing or his cell phone.

The healing time for each and every individual varies. Allow yourself time to heal and to feel better.


[WATCH] Man Talk Mondays: 2 Men On invade Vegas!

[WATCH] Man Talk Mondays: 2 Men On invade Vegas!

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Do You Believe In Signs?

Do You Believe In Signs?

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