#Whatsthe411: We Spend Nearly Four Hours a Day Trying to Look More Attractive

The time you spent getting ready today is only part of this:  A new study found the average person spends almost FOUR HOURS A DAY trying to look more attractive.  That’s a sixth of your life, or a quarter of your waking hours.

Obviously you’re not spending four hours on make-up, or choosing your outfit.  They factored in EVERYTHING we do to improve how we present ourselves.

The categories they included are:  Make-up and cosmetics . . . hygiene . . . hair grooming . . . clothing . . . following a specific diet . . . and exercising in order to LOOK better.  They also let people list things that didn’t fall into those categories.

They came up with four hours after polling more than 93,000 people in 93 different countries.  So it’s the global average, not just for people in the U.S.

The average for women is just under four hours.  And for men, it’s a little over three-and-a-half hours.  So not a huge difference.

People who spend more than four hours a day do have one thing in common though.  They tend to be very into social media. And tend to lie to themselves after getting themselves all fixed up.

 Top 9 Lies We Tell Ourselves after Getting All Fixed Up

  1. Well, somebody’s getting laid tonight.

2. No one can tell I combed my three active head follicles over my 90,000 dead ones.

3. Zendaya, is that you?!?

4. Women love a man-bun.

5. Pants are supposed to rip when you squeeze into them.

6. Bright red lip stick more than makes up for being a single mother of two.

7. I could’ve been a model.

8. This mustache doesn’t make me look like an amateur pornographer at all.

9. I look just as hot as I did when I released “Like a Virgin”.

How long on average do you take to get ready daily?


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