#Whatsthe411: Your Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart

When it comes to bad behaviors — lying, cheating and drinking — where do you rank? Fitness magazine polled men and women to find out their worst behaviors and biggest pet peeves. Both men and women admitted committing these top 10 bad behaviors:

  1. Acted rudely, 65%
  2. Hung up on someone, 49%
  3. Gave another driver the finger, 33%
  4. Lied about their weight, 24%
  5. Cursed out a stranger, 21%
  6. Cheated on a test, 18%
  7. Sent a nasty e-mail, 17%
  8. Cut ahead of someone in line, 15%
  9. Lied about their age, 13%
  10. 10.Lied about the number of people they had sex with, 12%

Even more stats:

  • Women’s workplace pet peeve: 41% say it’s a co-worker who steals credit for your ideas.
  • Men’s workplace pet peeve: 39% say it’s a co-worker with body odor.
  • Men and women agree the biggest annoyance at the gym is people not wiping down machines when they are done using them, followed by people talking loudly on their cell phones.
  • 55% of adults admit their worst vice is smoking.
  • Men (34%) and women (32%) agree that binge eating is their biggest diet crime.
  • When it comes to alcohol, 13% of men name drinking as a vice, compared with just 7% of women.


“The Musical Timon & Pumbaa: A Must-See for Lion King Fans”

“The Musical Timon & Pumbaa: A Must-See for Lion King Fans”

The stars of The Lion King musical, who portray Timon and Pumbaa, discuss their journey onto Broadway, their favorite characters to watch, and the nightly performance of “Hakuna Matata”. The show is in Albuquerque showing at Popejoy Hall until November 5th! Get your tickets NOW!!!

Bill Richardson DEAD at 75

Ex-New Mexico Governor, U.S. UN Ambassador, and President Bill Clinton’s Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, passed away on Saturday at the age of 75, reports the Richardson Center for Global Engagement. The Richardson Center’s Vice President, Mickey Bergman, confirmed in a statement, “Governor Richardson peacefully succumbed in his sleep. His whole life was devoted to public…