#Whatsthe411: AH ROMANCE

From Lovingyou.com, the top ten things that make you feel romantic:

  1. Being with the one you love
  2. Candles (Candlelight)
  3. When he/she kisses me
  4. When he/she says I love you
  5. When he/she does something that makes me feel special
  6. Soft music
  7. Wearing sexy clothes.
  8. Flowers/roses.
  9. Cuddling with my her/him
  10. 10.Champagne/wine

Top Least Romantic Things

  • Season tickets to the World Wrestling Federation.
  • The touring road show of “Polka-mania!”
  • Three little words: “pull my finger.”
  • Four little words: “mom’s coming to visit.”
  • Three more little words: “until Memorial Day.”
  • A “rent one, get one free” deal on all Jean Claude Van Damme videos.


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