#Whatsthe411: Could you give up your mobile device for a whole week?

Well over half of women say they would rather give up sex than give up their mobile devices for a single week. And that just begs the question: Do women prefer their mobile phone, e-mail and Facebook over their man? Perhaps we can blame it on too much to do in a mere 24 hours. Or we can blame it on the ease of use of ubiquitous technology. But the reality is that many women are so emotionally detached that they are increasingly using technology to communicate with their lovers. Here are some facts from the AVG Technologies international survey:

1. Nearly 35 percent of women use social media to check out men ahead of the first date. They pay most attention to photos, followed by common friends and finally interests and comments.

2. Just as women are turning to technology to kick-start their relationships, so too have they become reliant upon it to end them. More than 50 percent of those questioned either have or would break up with a significant other on the phone and more than a quarter have or would do so via text message.

3. Younger women, ages 18 to 25, are the most likely to break up with a partner using their phone (61 percent), by posting on Facebook (19 percent) or sending a text message (38 percent).

4. Middle-age women are not far behind their daughters, with 45 percent of those 45 to 54 indicating that they would or have ended a relationship using their phone.

5. While women in the U.S. are the most prolific users of social media to screen dates, Brazilian women are the most cutthroat group in the dating stakes. According to the survey, not only would 58 percent use a phone call to break up with a man, but also 61 percent have canceled dates based on information they found on social media. Data show that Brazilians are also the most likely to break off a relationship over Facebook (18 percent).

So I feel like with stats like these, the answer is no. Women cannot go a whole week without their mobile device. Wouldn’t you agree?


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