#Whatsthe411: Signs you may be a bad person

If you’re wondering whether or not you could be a bad person, here are the signs below. Don’t take it too personally though because this is all in fun and who cares LOL!

You Are a Movie Spoiler
You always post on social media or say something about a show or movie that someone has not yet seen. The information you give is normally a spoiler and definitely takes the fun out of the movie.

You Scramble for the Taxi or Bus
In a group of people already waiting for a taxi, you walk a block ahead in order to board first. You do this even when others got to the bus stop or taxi place first.

You Blame Others
You always find someone to blame for anything that goes wrong at home, work, or school. You apportion blame even when you know something is your fault.

You’re Never Happy For Your Friends
You may pretend to be happy when your friend passes exams or gets a promotion at work, but deep down, you are not happy for him or her. In some instances, you do not even pretend to be happy.

You’re a Poor Listener
You always expect people to listen to you when you speak or complain about something. However, you have no time to listen to others. You find it bothersome when people complain or share their thoughts with you.

You Never Share Your Stuff
You like it when people share their seats on the train or bus. On the other hand, when you get a seat first, you sit in such a way that no one else can share your seat. You find it hard to share your items with friends and relatives too.

Charity Disgusts You
The sight of poor people or beggars disgusts you. You believe they are just lazy and do not want to work hard and be independent. For this reason, you never involve yourself in charitable deeds.

You Refuse to Help and Lie to Friends
Whenever your friends ask for help, you say “I just can’t” all the time. You even go to the extent of lying to your best friend just because you do not want to assist him or her.

You are Mean to Animals
You do not like animals and would kick your younger brother’s dog out of the way if it attempted to play with you. You always feel the need to swat animals or inflict some form of pain on them.

You Take Credit for Everything
You like taking credit for just about every good thing that happens in class or at work. You are even happy to take credit for things you had no hand in at all.

You Laugh at Others’ Misfortunes
When something bad happens to your classmate or workmate, you are the first to post it on social media for the public to see. You like making fun of the misfortunes that befall others.

You Have a Bully Mentality
You have a bully mentality wherever you go. You love causing misery to others just so you can feel better or powerful.


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