#Whatsthe411: 11 Most Popular Lies Restaurant Servers Admit to Telling Customers

Look, there’s a lot of pressure on restaurant servers through a shift. They have to put on a brave face and sometimes straight-up lie to customers. Here are 11 of the most popular lies restaurant servers have admitted to telling customers, courtesy of Eat This, Not That:

1) I’m doing great!

2) The kitchen got your order wrong

3) Sorry, the milkshake machine is broken

4) I have a great table for you

5) We just need to switch the keg

6) I’m in training

7) It was a pleasure serving you!

8) I’ll take your suggestion to the chef

9) Well, my favorite thing on the menu…

10) Sorry, we’re short-staffed tonight

11) Oh, this wine will be perfect with that!

Do you have funny stories from working in the service industry? Have you told customers any lies like these?


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