[WATCH] J. Belle talks with curator of African American exhibit “Facing the Rising Sun.”

Rita Powdrell and the members of the African American Musuem and Cultural center spent over 2 years putting together their exhibit “Facing the Rising Sun: The Journey of African American Homesteaders in New Mexico, Vision, Belief, and Sovereign Ownership,” an interactive exhibit that showcases the history of the first homesteaders of New Mexico from Las Cruces to Albuquerque.


I learned so much about the African American history here in New Mexico from today’s exhibit. #ShowUsYourDrawers #fyp #MaiselChallenge #blackwomen

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Get a snippet of the exhibit through my TikTok. This Saturday the full documentary will be shown at the musuem and the exhibit will be in the Albuquerque musuem through July 10.


#Whatsthe411: Dating Truths we have to come to reality with

#Whatsthe411: Dating Truths we have to come to reality with

What dating truth have you come to realize? Here are 10 dating truths you can’t ignore, from Cosmo: You’ll regret that “Just wanted to make sure you got my last message” follow-up to an e-mail, text, or voicemail. If you don’t feel comfortable having a conversation with a guy about sex — especially condoms — you…

#Throwbackoftheday: Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby”

#Throwbackoftheday: Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby”

You can not tell me you think of Jim Carrey’s parody of the song from ‘In Living Color.’ Here it is below if you want a reminder: And here’s the actual version of the music video from Vanilla Ice, who by the way is making bank now flipping houses and has his own HGTV show…