Since the young age of 5 years old, Chico Suave would not be content unless he could make at least one person smile a day. This remains true as he continues to share his compassion and determination every day with listeners, interacting with them on a personal level which gives them the feeling that they are right there in the studio with him. Starting as a promotions assistant he then moved up to being on air while co-hosting and filling in for afternoons, doing a live weekend shift, and voicetracking overnights. His daily goal consist of two hours preparing show content to keep the listeners up to date on pop culture events and the latest trending topics. Working at KOB Fm for over 7 years has taught him the importance of the community and he hopes to do more outside the studio by helping those in need. There are many on air jocks and talent but there is only one personality like Chico’s.
Away from the mic, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter, exploring New Mexico. Getting together with friends is always a must, from a backyard bbq to watching football or UFC, nothing makes him happier than to be surrounded by great people. He also enjoys watching stand up comedy, performing at a few open mics, and serving as an emcee for local comedy shows.

Can you live without music?

Can you go a day without music? It’s not a challenge just a thought. I tried to do this but it drove me crazy about 1 hour in. I love music and have surrounded myself with so many genres that it makes me appreciate it as much as anybody appreciates breathing. I need it in…MORE

Everyone making the best out of our situation (COVID-19)

During this trying time when we all just want to go out and enjoy the summer, we have restrictions that are made to help flatten the curve on this pandemic. Last week, restaurants were excited because one judge ruled a 10 day ordinance to open their doors for those who wanted to dine in, at…MORE

Summer fun?

Although there are a lot of places reopening, do you still feel safe going out this summer? My wife and I have tried to do a date night lately but patios are too packed or our favorite spot is closed. We believe in supporting local businesses and try to hit those up first but some…MORE

How is technology helping you now?

Where would we be without the tech that we have today? I’ve been thinking about that lately and it kind of scared me. This pandemic has brought the worst out of people not only with being quarantined but now that things are reopening, there are still fights. You would think that being able to go…MORE

Gone Fishing!

Finally got out of the house thanks to one of my best buds invitation. We went out to Pecos and it couldn’t of been better. There is something about being out in nature with no phone service and plenty of room to enjoy the day. I caught about 5 rainbow trout then gutted and cleaned…MORE


Conquering Spring Allergies

Conquering Spring Allergies

I know I am not alone when it comes to allergies.  For some reason, this year seems worse than last.  I had a chance to chat with Allergist Dr Tania Elliott too see what products are out there to over relief.  She also opened my eyes to soemthing about false eyelashes that I never thought…

Cowgirl Chic!

Cowgirl Chic!

Cowgirl chic is all the rage right now!  Did you know there is a place right here in town that is selling the cutest cowgirl chic clothes EVER?  Well there IS,  The Cinchy Cowgirl.  I had a chance to Zoom with the owner Samantha Tarter, and let me tell you, I am going to have…

Chatting It Up With The Stars of Tyler Perry’s Sistas!

Chatting It Up With The Stars of Tyler Perry’s Sistas!

I am soooo excited.  I just got off a Zoom with Devale Ellis and Trinity Whiteside from Tyler Perry’s Sistas.  I  had so much fun and find them to be so empowering!  They talk to me about following your passion and being there for your partner.  Find out more in the video and don’t forget the…

A Chat with Bocadillos Chef Marie

Chances are when you turn on the Food Network at some point during the day you will see our very own Chef Marie, owner of Slow Roasted Bocadillos right here in downtown Albuquerque.   She just got back from her latest adventure with the network, a food truck competition in Alaska.   And of course…