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No Excuse Not To Wash Your Face!

I tend to get super tired at night.  And if I am honest, if I wait too long, I don’t always feel like washing my face.  Even though I know it is one of the worst things you can skip at night.  That is why I am so happy I found this product from Aveeno.…MORE

Best Invention: Makeup Palettes!

What is it about makeup palettes that you just can’t get enough??  For me it is the options.  I love to be able to match my eye makeup to my outfit.  Sometimes I like to go bold and dramatic.  Sometimes I go sweet.  But either way, I am covered.  Whether it is the latest from…MORE

What Is Your Favorite Face Cleanser??

I love all things beauty.  Shopping sprees at Sephora and Ulta??   YES Please!!!!  So I decided to put some products to the test to find out if I really love them or should we take a pass on them.  I am starting with Face Cleansers.  I am always buying new things, but are they worth…MORE

Why I Love All My Subscription Make-up Boxes!

I know Carlos makes fun of me….but I am in LOVE with make-up subscription boxes.  I get them all.  Boxy Charm.  Ipsy.  Birchbox.  You name it, I have it.  And it seems to me they just keep upping the game.  I recently received the Allure Beauty Thrills box….and it is AMAZING!!  Worth every penny.  Shampoo. …MORE

Listen Live with Alexa

Listen Live with Alexa

If you own an Amazon smart speaker, like the Echo or Echo Dot, you can listen to 93.3 The Q! First you need to enable our Skill. Here are easy ways you can do that: Say, “Alexa, enable the ninety three three k. o. b. f. m. Skill” Visit the Skills section of your Alexa…MORE

Jennifer Aniston to the Rescue!

I do a lot of events for different organizations in town.  And when I do People always seem to come up to me to ask about my hair.  Besides taking Biotin everyday, I use a product from Jennifer Aniston’s hair care line that I can never live without again! Click Here to find out what…MORE

Dreamstyle….A.K.A. The Pit??

Well, it looks like they did it again.  The Pit at UNM now has a new name….Dreamstyle Remodeling reportedly gets the naming rights now, and a lot of people are not happy about this name either.  What do you think?  Should we just go back to The Pit?  Read moreMORE

Miss New Mexico!

Miss New Mexico!

Our very own Miss New Mexico, Ashley Mora stopped by the studio to talk about the Miss USA Pageant happening next month in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are so excited for her, she is ready to make our state proud.  Read more.  MORE


Win Wiz Khalifa & Logic tickets!

Win Wiz Khalifa & Logic tickets!

Listen for your chance to win with Carlos & Kiki in the morning at 8am, every weekday morning (6/20 – 6/24). Buy your tickets at

NBC’s Dancing with Myself Molly Prewitt joins The J. Belle Show

NBC’s Dancing with Myself Molly Prewitt joins The J. Belle Show

NBC’s Dancing with Myself has become a hit and Santa Fe local Molly Prewitt is one of the contestants showing off her dance moves in tonight’s episodes. She took some to sit with me to answer some important questions like…. Is Nick Jonas just as cute in person as he is on TV? And did…