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VIP Museum Viewing Events



The Balloon Museum Foundation is proud to hold VIP dining events during Balloon Fiesta Season, October 1-9, 2022. 

2022 is the 50th anniversary of Balloon Fiesta. We’ve highlighted and focused our offerings to celebrate this special year and 50th anniversary. 

Come celebrate with us! Tickets on sale now.

Experience the magic of the world’s largest ballooning event from the comfort of the beautiful Balloon Museum. Enjoy a delicious breakfast or dinner at the Balloon Museum. The Balloon Museum boasts THE BEST VIEW of the Mass Ascensions and Balloon Glows in Albuquerque! THANK YOU – You are supporting the Balloon Museum Foundation. 40% of the cost of all tickets are a donation to the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation. This is our largest fundraiser of the year.


#Whatsthe411: Ways to stop investing in the wrong man

#Whatsthe411: Ways to stop investing in the wrong man

The Love Coach Matthew Hussey told Cosmopolitan his advice to stop wasting your time with the wrong guy: Reject duds more quicklyBe open to meeting new people, but if you see signs that a guy may take you for granted or act selfishly, then bail ASAP. In a word: Next. Ask tough questionsHe may seem perfect but also…

Here are Cosmopolitan’s signs he’s not yet serious bae material:

Here are Cosmopolitan’s signs he’s not yet serious bae material:

He’s been known to ignore your texts for long periods of time.He often makes comments that compare you to other women.He complains about going to social events or parties that you’ve invited him to.He’s not a fan of your hanging with him and his friends.He fails to ask you questions about yourself or doesn’t listen…