#Whatsthe411: Americans Top guilty pleasures exposed

Now I know most of us have pleasures so guilty that no one knows about them, I do and of course I’m not sharing lol. I will share my G rated guilty pleasures like Sour Cream and Onion chips, binge shopping on fast fashion sites like SHEIN and binge watching crime TV shows. Here is a complete of the Top 30 American guilty pleasures and some even weirder ones I didn’t even think could actually exist.


Ordering take out because you can’t be bothered to cook

Falling asleep watching TV   

Sneaking an extra scoop of ice cream

Putting off a task

Buying yourself a treat

Singing out loud in the car

Staying in your pajamas all day


Binging a whole TV show in one day

Watching TV all day

Still listening to the music you listened to as a kid as an adult

People watching

Eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting

Watching Disney films and cartoons as an adult

Getting back in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Eating food in bed

Checking social media when you should be working/studying

Eating cereal for dinner

Watching reality TV

Drinking juice or milk directly from the carton

Romance movies

Stealing soap/shampoo from hotels

Not showering

Watching daytime TV

Procrastinating chores

Calling in sick when you’re not sick

Listening to cheesy music

Proving your partner wrong about something

Stalking other people’s social media


Cheese and peanuts (not peanut butter) on a sandwich

Drinking pickle juice straight from the jar

Eating baby food

Eating mayonnaise by itself

Drinking cola mixed with milk

Eating baking soda

Dressing as “Alice in Wonderland” while watching the movie

Listening to WWE theme music to get pumped at the gym

Eating a marmalade and sausage sandwich

Talking to their dog as if they understand

Where do you fit in on this list? Don’t be afraid to share. LOL!


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