Dallace Jade

I’m a beauty school dropout who found my passion behind the mic.  The DJ at the time was doing a radio bit for chicks who didn’t have a Valentine’s date to come down to the radio station and hangout.  So I did just that and my life forever changed for the better on that one fateful night. The DJ and I vibed really well and he decided to make me his co-host on his night show. Eventually, I landed my own show and fast forward to now being able to rock the airwaves for KOB-FM and I’m truly so happy for this opportunity and beyond thrilled to be able to put on a show.. just for YOU!
    On a Saturday night, you can most likely find me posted up on my besties couch, stuffing my face, drinking wine and either watching the I.D. Channel or catching up on Game Of Thrones on Demand. My alter ego goes by the name Tigress Woods, I LOVE to play golf (even though I’m not that good LOL) it’s so much fun though. Car rides with no specific destination and the music turned all the way up, is another one of my favorite things to do and spending time with mi Madre, who I owe everything to.  She has shaped me into the woman I am today and has ALWAYS believed in me no matter what! She’s told me since day one “As you believe, so it will be” and I believe that there is no limit to how amazing life can be when you believe in yourself. From my heart, thank you so much for letting me come through your speakers and for supporting the show!!
                                                                                                         With Love,
                                                                                                        Dallace Jade <3